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We expect all team mentors to insist on the highest behavioural standards from all their students at all times, and to lead by example in this respect, and we expect full cooperation from managers and schools in the event of any departure from such standards.
Team managers are reminded that all match-day communication with their students should be conducted in a strictly professional manner, and that the professional standards required in the classroom should also extend to the team dressing room before, during and after matches, and to all activities throughout each game.

  • Play your games in time.
  • Play the games as per schedule.
  • Observe the 24 hour response protocol for arranging games.
  • Phone / Text results to the Coordinator within 24 hours.
  • Make sure that your results are posted on the website/Twitter.
  • If a school doesn’t respond or cooperate in arranging a fixture, then document your efforts (emails and / or texts), and send that information to the secretary; it will be tabled and acted upon at the next meeting.


  1. As unanimously agreed at the 2019 AGM, league games in all competitions will now be played on a Home and Away basis, expect where the distance involved is over 40 miles (as per Google Maps).
  2.  “Home” games must be played on an enclosed pitch and referee to be agreed by both schools. The Home school may wish to provide some form of hospitality to its visitors.
  3.  Where neutral venues are being used, please remember that you are a guest of the host club/school, and facilities should be left in the same way which they were found. PLEASE TIDY UP AFTER YOU!


Deadlines have been specified for the completion of the league sections of all competitions, and can only be altered by a decision of the Ulster Schools CCC, NOT by a coordinator.

Unless the specified deadline has been adjusted by the CCC, the results of games played after the relevant established deadlines cannot be considered in determining the names and rank order of those schools which will progress to the play-offs, quarter finals or semi finals of the various competitions.

Upon winning a competition, schools should contact and deal directly with our medal supplier JC May & Co ( and arrange for distribution/collection directly. Up to 25 medals are provided by Ulster Schools in each instance. Should you require extra medals for larger panels, bring this to the attention of JC May as soon as possible. Such additional medals are at the expense of the school

Please ensure that you publicise your school’s fixtures, results etc on our website, Facebook and Twitter.

A registration sheet is available on the website which includes player name, date of birth and club. Schools are also reminded of their obligation to provide a teamsheet in duplicate to the referee before EVERY match – no exceptions!