Bye Laws

Scoileanna Uladh  Cumann Lúthchleas Gael – Constitution and Byelaws

1. Name:
The name of the Council shall be Scoileanna Uladh , Cumann Lúthchleas Gael.
2.  Aim:
The aim of the Council shall be to further the aims of Cumann  Lúthchleas Gael in Ulster Schools through the development, administration and promotion of Gaelic games and pastimes.
3. Jurisdiction:
  • Subject to the jurisdiction of the General Rules of Cumann Lúthchleas Gael and the overall control of Ardchomhairle, Comhairle Iarbhunscoileanna and Comhairle Uladh, Scoileanna Uladh shall have responsibility for the organisation and control of all Post-Primary Gaelic games in Ulster.
  • Committees, Schools and Members of Scoileanna Uladh shall be subject to the Bye-Laws and Regulations of Comhairle Iarbhunscoileanna and Comhairle Uladh.
  • Committees, Schools and Members of Scoileanna Uladh shall be bound to resolve any and all disputes that arise within the framework of existing procedures, the appeals system and the Disputes Resolution provisions as set out in the Rules of Cumann Lúthchleas Gael.
4. Committee Composition:
A)  The Committee of Scoileanna Uladh shall consist of not more  than 22 members:
  • (i)  Cathaoirleach and Rúnaí, who shall be appointed by Comhairle Uladh in accordance with the      Byelaws of   Comhairle Uladh.
  • (ii) Six Officerships elected at the Annual General Meeting   of Scoileanna Uladh – Leas-Chathaoirleach, Cisteoir/  Comhchisteoirí, Rúnaí Cúnta, Oifigeach Caidrimh   Phoiblí, Oifigeach Theicneolaíochta Faisnéise and  Teachta don Comhairle Uladh/Coiste Oiliúna.
  • (iii) Not more than thirteen Competition Coordinators.
  • (iv) An Honorary President.

 B) All members of the Committee of Scoileanna Uladh shall have voting rights.

C) Meetings shall be attended by the duly appointed Scoileanna Uladh Administrator/Servicing Officer, who shall not have  voting rights.

5. Powers and Functions:
Subject to the overall jurisdiction of Comhairle Iarbhunscoileana, the powers and functions of Coiste Scoileanna Uladh, within the province of Ulster, shall be:

 a)  To implement the policies of Scoileanna Uladh and to manage the affairs of Scoileanna Uladh.

b) To adjudicate on applications for affiliation from schools in Ulster.

c) To adjudicate on any issues of eligibility for Scoileanna Uladh competitions.

d) To act as Coiste Stiúrtha na gComórtas (Competitions Control Committee), and as such to carry out the following powers and  functions.

i)  To be responsible for the organisation, administration and control of the Ulster Schools Championships, Leagues (and   other competitions) in Hurling and Football, including the   selection of venues and appointment of referees.

ii) To draw up Regulations governing the organisation of   competitions under its control – including composition, timing, and promotion and relegation – prior to the start of Scoileanna Uladh competitions.

(iii) To be responsible for the investigation and processing of matters relating to the Enforcement of Rules, in the case of Competitions  or Games under the jurisdiction of Scoileanna Uladh, including matters arising from Referees’ Reports and objections.

e) To be responsible for the management of all funds received by  Scoileanna Uladh and for submitting audited accounts to the  Annual General Meeting of Scoileanna Uladh for approval.

f) To appoint sub-committees as required, and to define the terms  of reference of such committees.

g) It shall submit an annual report to Ulster GAA Convention.

h) To convene a Special General Meeting of Scoileanna Uladh at any time provided ten days’ clear notice in writing is given to the schools and members of Scoileanna Uladh.

i) Between meetings, the Cathaoirleach and one other Officer shall  have plenary powers to deal with urgent matters.

6. Date:
An Annual General Meeting of Scoileanna Uladh shall be held before 31 May of each calendar year.
7. Composition:
a) The Annual General Meeting shall consist of:
  • The Officers and Members of the outgoing Coiste  Scoileanna Uladh.
  • Maximum of two delegates from each school in Ulster  which participated in a Scoileanna Uladh Championship of  the previous/outgoing school year. Each school shall have  one vote.
  • Should any member of an Coiste Scoileanna Uladh resign, or his position otherwise lapse, the remaining members of An Coiste Scoileanna Uladh shall, at their discretion, have the power to fill the vacancy, by co-opting a replacement from the body of the Full Membership.
8. Functions:
The functions of the Annual Convention shall be:
a) To hear the address of An Cathaoirleach and consider the Report of An Rúnaí
b) To consider the Report of An Cisteoir and Audited Accounts.
c) To elect by secret ballot (if required) the following six  officerships who shall hold office until the conclusion of the  next Annual General Meeting – Leas-Chathaoirleach, Cisteoir/ Comhchisteoirí, Rúnaí Cúnta, Oifigeach Caidrimh Phoiblí,  Oifigeach Theicneolaíochta Faisnéise and Teachta don  Comhairle Uladh/Coiste Oiliúna.
d) To elect an Honorary President.
e) To consider Motions and to enact, amend or rescind Bye-laws.
  • The maximum period of office for any specific officership or  other position on An Coiste Scoileanna Uladh shall be five  consecutive years.
  • A member of An Coiste Scoileanna Uladh shall not hold more  than one of the positions listed at Bye-Law (8) (c)  simultaneously.
  • Decisions of the Annual General Meeting of Scoileanna Uladh  shall be binding on all Committees, Schools and Members of  Scoileanna Uladh.
 9. Agenda and Notice:
An Rúnaí of Scoileanna Uladh shall send the following to the Secretary/Designated Teacher of each member school and to the members of the outgoing Coiste Scoileanna Uladh at least one week before the Annual General Meeting:
The Agenda, Reports, Financial Statement including Audited Accounts, Nominations and Motions.
10. Nominations:
A candidate for any of the positions outlined at Bye-Law (8) (c) above, shall be nominated by a member school.
 Nominations shall be submitted on the Nomination Paper which shall be sent to An Rúnaí/Designated Teacher of each Scoileanna Uladh member school at least four weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting of Scoileanna Uladh and which shall be completed and returned to An Rúnaí of Scoileanna Uladh at least two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.
11. Motions:
a) Motions for the Annual General Meeting of Scoileanna Uladh  shall be submitted as follows:
  •  i)  Motions from member schools.
  • (ii) An Coiste Scoileanna Uladh shall be entitled to submit motions on.
    1) Any relevant rule-changes arising out of Motion(s) passed at Annual Congress or the Annual  General Meeting of Comhairle Iarbhunscoileanna.
    2) Any relevant matter relating to rule arising from a  decision of the Disputes Resolutions Authority    Tribunal, Ulster/Central Appeals Committee or Ulster/ Central Hearings Committee in the outgoing school year.
    3) A maximum of three Motions other than those in the categories listed above.

 b) Motions shall be submitted on the Motion Paper which shall be sent to An Rúnaí of each member school at least four weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting and which shall be c  completed and returned to An Rúnaí at least two full weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.

c) The Motion Paper shall be signed by An Rúnaí/Designated Teacher of the member school.

d) Motions to enact new or amend existing Bye-laws shall give the full text of the proposed addition or amendment and also quote the number(s) of the Bye-law(s) affected thereby.

e) Motions to remove or amend an existing bye-law shall be carried by two thirds of those present, entitled to vote and voting.

ADMINISTRATION (Applicable to ALL Meetings and Committees)
12. Voting:
Decisions at meetings shall be taken by a simple majority of those present, entitled to vote and voting and in the event of a tie, An Cathaoirleach shall have a second or casting vote.
13. Rescinding a Decision:
Subject to Rial 4.3 T.O. 2015 decisions taken at a duly convened  meeting shall not be rescinded at a subsequent meeting, unless due  notice in writing of intention to propose rescindment has been previously conveyed to each member, and the consent of two thirds  of those present entitled to vote and voting is obtained.
14. Quorum:
a) The quorum for Scoileanna Uladh Annual General Meetings and   Special General Meetings shall be one quarter of the members entitled to attend.
b) The quorum for meetings of An Coiste Scoileanna Uladh shall be one quarter of the members entitled to attend, subject to a   minimum of three, one of whom shall be an officer.
15.  Objections / Counter-Objections:
An Objection or Counter-Objection shall be lodged in accordance with the Rules of An Treoraí Oifigiúil.
16. Éisteachtaí (Hearings)
a) The Ulster Hearings Committee shall adjudicate on all  Disciplinary matters where a Hearing is prescribed and requested relating to the Enforcement of Rules (excluding Objections and Counter-Objections) arising from Games under the jurisdiction of Scoileanna Uladh.
c) All applications for hearings shall be subject to the relevant   rules of An Treoraí Oifigiúil 2015.
17. Appeals:
a) Appeals against decisions of An Coiste Scoileanna Uladh shall  be made to the Ulster Hearings Committee in accordance with  the Rules of An Treoraí Oifigiúil 2015.
b) There shall be no Appeal against a decision of An Coiste    Scoileanna Uladh with regard to:
i)   Arrangements for the date and venue of a Game  (provided that required notice is given).
ii)  Appointments of Referees.
18. Any school which wins a ‘B’ , ‘C’, ‘D’ or ‘E’ competition at U13½, U14½, or U15½ level in Football shall move up to the next Grade (viz ’A’, ’B’, ‘C’ OR ‘D’ ) in, and from, the following school year, and remain within that grade thereafter up to, and including U16½ level.
19. All decisions on regrading in Hurling will be dealt with on an annual basis by An Coiste Stiúrtha na gComórtas (Competitions Control Committee).
20. An application for the regrading downwards of a school in any competition can only be made by written request from the applicant school prior to the Annual General Meeting, accompanied by valid supporting evidence. A final decision on any such application will be made by An Coiste Stiúrtha na gComórtas (Competitions Control Committee).

21. Schools with a proven record of success, and who compete at ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ or ‘E’ level from U14½ upwards, may not enter a team in a lower tier at U13½ level.

22. All fixtures must be played as per schedule and no school(s) may alter the scheduled playing dates. Any proposed alteration to the published schedule must be requested in advance (5 days) through the Cathaoirleach and/or Rúnaí, and must have the confirmed approval of both schools involved.
  • 23. All schools must co-operate to ensure that:
  • All their games are played by the relevant fixtures deadlines;  this will include any approved postponements (as per Rule 22  above)
  • Results are forwarded to the Competition and Group  Coordinator within 24 hours.
  • Referees complete and return match reports to the Rúnaí, cf  Treorai Oifigiuil (2015) Rial 6.42 re: Award of Game : “The  award of a Game rests with the Committee or Council-in- Charge, acting on the Referee’s report”.
24. An overall coordinator will be appointed for each competition, and will be assisted by a coordinator for each League or Blitz Group within that competition; the role of the Coordinator is to:
a) Coordinate and facilitate the progress of the competition
b) Receive results within 24 hours of each game
c) Produce binding league tables based on the results duly  submitted.
25. The venues and referees for all knock-out stages in each competition will be arranged by the Servicing Officer. He will be assisted in this process by each Competition Coordinator and/or by the Committee.  No school is entitled to object to any fixture, venue or referee thereby arranged.

26. In the event of the failure of two schools to agree on a referee, venue or date during the league stages of any competition, the final and binding decision will be made by the Servicing Officer or Secretary.

27. Extra time must be played where necessary in all those games specified in the Fixtures booklet.
28.  Playoffs:
a) Placings in Group league sections when teams finish level will be determined as follows:
  • Where 2 teams are tied on points, the rank order will be determined by the result of the game between the  2 tied teams; if that particular game had ended in a draw, then their ‘score difference’ over the group  games will determine the placings.
  • Where more than 2 teams finish level on points, the rank order will be determined by the ‘score difference’ in the matches involving the tied teams; where necessary, ‘scores for’ in the relevant matches will be the next criterion to be used, followed by ‘scores against’.
b) Score difference will not be used to determine the final qualifying place for the knock-out stage of any competition.
c) All knockout games, except where otherwise stated, will follow the ‘Finishing on the Day’ procedures,
29. In the event of a clash of school colours, the CCC will determine the colours to be worn.
30. The sequencing of all League games in all competitions will be  determined by Open Draw.
31. The kickout will be taken from the hand in all Junior Football  competitions (U14½ and below)

32. All Hurling games at ‘B’ , ‘C’ and ‘D’ levels must be played at 15-a- side where the schools involved have a panel of 18 or more  players; otherwise, 13-a- side games will be played.

33. All players in hurling games must wear an approved helmet which has a frontal guard.

34. All players in football games must wear a mouthguard.
35. Schools are advised to pay an appropriate fee to the match referee,  and to the groundsman who has provided the club/other facilities.
36. Before all games, the referee shall be given a list of players, in  duplicate and in Irish, giving full Christian names and dates of birth.
37. Each participating school is required to comply with the  requirements of the operative Match Regulations. The mentors  from each school are responsible for ensuring that their substitutes  remain outside the playing area and, where available, inside the  dugouts. The Match Regulation in relation to the maximum number  of players and Team Officials permitted entry to the pitch enclosure  will be strictly enforced.
38. Prior permission to video games must be sought from the  organising committee, and unedited copies of any such recordings  must be made available to the organising committee on request.
39. The acceptance of entries from any affiliated school on an annual  basis is conditional upon the payment by that school on/by the  date of the Annual General Meeting of all outstanding monies due.
40. Resources will be allocated based on the level of “participation” in  the preceding school year.  (Definition of “participation”: having  fulfilled all but one of the scheduled fixtures in any competition).

41. Registration: Schools participating in competitions with an All  Ireland dimension (6) must register their panel of players with An  Rúnaí prior to participating in the relevant Provincial  Championship.

42. Insurance: Each school is advised to investigate thoroughly the issue of personal insurance for each student, and is advised to avail of the special rate (€300 per school) which is available under CLCG’s Player Injury Scheme.

43. Synthetic pitches may be used for any game up to, and including,  Finals.

44. Games may be scheduled and played under floodlights subject to  the CCC being satisfied that the standard of lighting is of sufficient  quality.